Misia Sert, Queen of Paris 1877-1950

Brought up in Brussels and Paris, Misia Sert was a muse to the likes of Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec.  She entertained the poets and painters, authors and composers of the early 20th century, a time of great artistic creativity.  She financially supported Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes and had a long association with Coco Chanel.  Lecturer Julian Halsby will take us through the life and times of this extraordinary woman at 6.30pm, Thursday 23 May at the Salini Resort in St.

Misia Sert, Queen of Paris 1877-1950

Les Ballets Russes

Misia Sert was a muse and fervent supporter of the arts in an era of great cultural creativity, the early 20th century.  She had a long association with Sergei Diaghilev, involved in all creative aspects of the Ballets Russes, from friendships with its dancers, to input on costume designs, to choreography. Through the years she supplied funds for the often financially distressed ballet company. On the opening night of Petrushka, she came to the rescue with the 4000 francs needed to prevent repossession of the costumes.

The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert, Queen of Paris 1877-1950

Who was Misia Sert?  Certainly a gifted pianist, but especially a patron of all the arts at a time of extraordinary creativity, the early 20th century.  Brought up in the musical household of her grandparents in Brussels, the young Misia learned to read music while she was not much more than an infant.  In Paris she was a student of Gabriel Fauré, and later gave piano lessons to students referred to her by Fauré.

A Breath of Orientalism in Malta

Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme is the topic of DFASinMalta's next lecture on Thursday 11 April. Japonisme affected fine arts, sculpture, architecture, as well as the performing arts and decorative arts throughout Western Culture The term is used particularly to refer to Japanese influence on European art, especially in the Impressionist period.

Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme

Portrait du Père Tanguy

At a time when few people could travel outside their own countries, artists began to borrow from the art of Japan, China and the Orient, incorporating it into their works and bringing about a new style in architecture, painting, textiles, furniture and interior design.  Most famously, artists such as Monet, Degas and Whistler included Asian design into their paintings.  When Van Goh painted Portrait du Père Tanguy, he reproduced some of his own collection of Japanese prints into the backround.  Fascinated with the art of Asia, and a specialist in the study of Japanese art and artis

DFASinMalta brings art restoration expert to Malta

Our next guest, Julia Korner, is a specialist and lecturer in fine art conservation and restoration of paintings, sculptures and frames.  During her 20 years at Christie's as a paintings specialist, gaining extensive knowledge of Old Masters and of British, European and American paintings from the 1700s on.  Julia has worked independently in her own studio in West London for museums, private collectors and institutions since 1997.  Here, she and her small team give specialist conservation work and personal expert attention.

The Conservation of Paintings

When we gaze at the wonderful paintings in museums, we sometimes forget how much work has been done to preserve these works.  Not only paintings, but frames need restoration as well.  DFASinMalta’s lecturer, Julia Korner, will take us step by step though the methods of conserving paintings, frames and sculptures.  Join us on Thursday 28 February at 6.30pm at the Salini Resort in St Paul’s Bay.  Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15.  Contact Nicky Stilon  at for reservations.

More Russian than the Russians:  Catherine the Great

lecturer Anne-Marie Mancio

Trained as an artist before gaining a PhD in Art and Critical Theory from the University of Sussex, Anne-Marie Mancio has lectured in art history for the City Lit, Tate Modern, the Course, Art in London, London Art Salon, Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Nth Degree Club and many private art societies.  Fascinated with the art and history of Russia, she will present to us the greatest female leader of Russia, Catherine the Great.  Join us on Thursday, 10 January at 6.30pm at the Salini Resort in St Paul’s Bay.  Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15.  Contact Nicky