The Boy Who Bit Picasso


Antony Penrose first met Picasso as a child when the artist visited the Penrose family home in East Sussex in 1950. They became instant friends and invented their own boisterous games. In the excitement Antony bit Picasso, but it did not spoil the friendship and during the many visits he made to Picasso’s homes in France Antony felt very much at home. He loved the menagerie of pets – the live ones and those Picasso made as sculptures that seemed alive. Antony’s parents were Roland Penrose, the curator and biographer of Picasso, and Lee Miller, the photographer. Picasso painted her portrait six times and she photographed him more than 1,000 times.  Today her images illustrate Antony’s entertaining and amusing account of life around Picasso. Our lecture will be held on Thursday 22 November 2018 at 18.30 at the Salini Resort in St Paul’s Bay.  Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15.