A Breath of Orientalism in Malta


Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme is the topic of DFASinMalta's next lecture on Thursday 11 April. Japonisme affected fine arts, sculpture, architecture, as well as the performing arts and decorative arts throughout Western Culture The term is used particularly to refer to Japanese influence on European art, especially in the Impressionist period.
Suzanne Perrin, lecturer for NADFAS, universities, muséums and adult education, has contributed to the Asian Arts Courses for Sotheby's, at the V&A and British Museums. She founded Japan Interlink in 1995 to promote educational and cultural exchange links betewen Japan and the UK. Working to promote educational exchange programmes between universities of art in Japan and the UK in 1996-2001, Ms. Perrin established links between the School of Art & Design at the University of Brighton and the Nagoya University of Arts, Japan.
Join us for this singular lecture at 6.30pm at the Salini Resort in St. Paul's Bay. Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15. Contact Nicky Stilon at maltadfas@gmail.com for réservations.