The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert, Queen of Paris 1877-1950


Who was Misia Sert?  Certainly a gifted pianist, but especially a patron of all the arts at a time of extraordinary creativity, the early 20th century.  Brought up in the musical household of her grandparents in Brussels, the young Misia learned to read music while she was not much more than an infant.  In Paris she was a student of Gabriel Fauré, and later gave piano lessons to students referred to her by Fauré. Married to her cousin, their home became a mecca for the authors, poets, painters, and composers of the period.   Join us for this presentation by Julian Halsby, starting at 6.30pm Thursday 23 May at the Salini Resort in St. Paul’s Bay.  Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15.  Contact Nicky Stilon at for reservations.