National Archives Conservation Project 2018


This year DFASinMalta chose to help the National Archives in Rabat to conserve part of the collection of Vincenzo Mario Pellegrini, donated to the archives by his son, Gabriel Pellegrini.  Vincenzo Maria Pellegrini (1911-1997) was a particularly erudite notary who contributed to the Maltese cultural scene with a number of articles, compositions of music and poetry as well as his own artistic compositions.  He collected the works of his artist friends and was very involved in the contemporary Maltese cultural environment.

The donated collection consists of books, photos, newspaper articles, music scores, verse and prose in several languages among other important material.  Our donation permitted the National Archives to acquire the relative archival conservation material for the collection of a photographic series of high value.  Restorers repaired damaged photos and newspaper cuttings and removed previous attempts at repairs.  Items are now stored in archival quality sleeves and boxes.  All items have been digitized.

Our donation was accepted at an organised presentation of the project on 12th May, which was held at the National Archives in Rabat.  We are grateful to our generous members who helped us by contributing to our book raffles, raising enough funds for this donation.