Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme

Portrait du Père Tanguy


At a time when few people could travel outside their own countries, artists began to borrow from the art of Japan, China and the Orient, incorporating it into their works and bringing about a new style in architecture, painting, textiles, furniture and interior design.  Most famously, artists such as Monet, Degas and Whistler included Asian design into their paintings.  When Van Goh painted Portrait du Père Tanguy, he reproduced some of his own collection of Japanese prints into the backround.  Fascinated with the art of Asia, and a specialist in the study of Japanese art and artistic talent, Suzanne Perrin will take us through the period of this new way of seeing the world.  Join us for this lecture at 6.30pm Thursday 11 April at the Salini Resort in St. Paul's Bay.  Admission is free for members and open to the public for a fee of €15.  Contact Nicky Stilon at maltadfas@gmail.com for reservations.