Young Arts Project


DFASinMalta has embarked on a new project this season, The Young Arts Project. Students attending the School of Art have been chosen to participate in this project which has been included as part of their curriculum.The students attended a presentation at the Notarial Archives, encouraging them to design an art work in relation to the subject 'pastepaper' or 'decorative paper'. 

First used roughly 450 years ago, the technique of using pigmented starch paste to create designs on paper remains one of the simplest and most versatile decorative methods. Developed by bookbinders as an easy and inexpensive way to create covers and endsheets, each design is unique, but simple to produce in volume. Pastepapers are excellent for use in bookbinding, and can also be used for greeting cards, wrapping paper, decorative boxes, collages, kites . . . anywhere you want bright, vibrant designs.

There will be an exhibition in February to show the students' accomplishments. Watch this space to see the students' artwork progress.